Some projects developed

TransMiCable – Bogotá

Structuring of the operation and maintenance of the system.

Cable Car – Santo Domingo

Structuring, operation and maintenance.

Metrocable Cable Car – Medellin

Lifting system for loads in cable car towers. Design, calculation and manufacturing.

Some local engineering developments

Cable car towers

Design and calculation for Megacable cable car Line P in Medellín.

Structures – Metrocable Picacho

Design of metallic structures.

Repowered stabilization rails

Design and calculation.

Some ROOT CAUSE Analysis and Solutions

Solución en Rodamientos

Problem: Periodic bearing failure.

Solution: Design and manufacture of a new system to mitigate said failure.

Tractor Carrier Cable Solution

Problem: Partial discharges in the tractor carrier cable.
Solution: Design of the grounding system for electrical discharge of the cable.

Gearbox Solution

Problem: Periodic damage to gearbox.

Solution: ODS analysis and calculation of oscillating frequencies mitigated with damped columns.

Some of our Spare Parts Engineering

Cerro Catedral cable car (Argentina)

Spare part developed by reverse engineering with INTECKNO methodology.

Pulleys for traction tracks of repowered cabins

Design and manufacturing.

Cab damper block

Development of improved polymers.

Magnetography and Maintenance

Maintenance V1

Ecopark cable car in Cerro el Santísimo.


Using a magneto-inductive process, Ecoparque closed the Santisimo.

Maintenance V1

Chicamocha National Park Corporation cable car.

Some training for technical personnel!

Maintenance of Urban Cables

Training in Operation and Maintenance

Training in Santo Domingo